the questionnaire

Which of the following is true:

YOLO (you only live once)
You live every day, you only die once
We live in a simulation

Which of the three (out of four) classical elements do you most indentify with:


What would you do if you happened to find a bundle with a decent amount of money on the ground in the middle of the day in a busy location with your full name written on it:

I would quickly take it (I wouldn’t want to impede)
I would slowly take it
I would stop to examine it, but then would probably leave it because it might be cursed

Which of the following is the worst:

Constantly stumbling on protruding sidewalk tiles
Knowing you’ll never be able to read everything you want to
Being lactose intolerant

A witch lets you choose your own curse. Which of the following do you choose:

All your food now comes in the form of a burger (between two buns and all that stuff)
You can only walk in straight lines
You can only wear monochromatic clothes from now on (they have to be either red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple)

Would you rather have your conscience transferred to:

Hyphae (you get to live in the middle of the woods in Sweden)
A worm (you get to feast on apples until you’re found; maybe you can plot a revenge on your enemy who hates biting into an apple and finding a worm)
A fly stuck in a spider web (a Faustian need to learn about and experience all possible things on Earth)

Which decade was the best for cinema: